Water supply lines to be able to facilitate the circulation

Stop illegal letting in of sewage in the storm water drains: this will enable rainwater collected in huge lakes to get piped through water treatment plants for method of getting drinking water.

DRINKING WATER: Supply treated waste water for all non-potable usage. Six inch sewage pipes laid from the time of the British ought to be changed, underground parking has for being made mandatory for every different building. It should be mandated that new layouts, huge apartment blocks to own twin water supply lines to be able to facilitate the circulation of addressed water.

Don’t expect the infrastructure to operate unless it is upgraded. Infrastructure does not necessarily follow just broader roads and scaling down of defenceless trees.

Revive existing lakes Complete Vacuum Unit Manufacturers as being a completely interconnected system of wetlands. Infrastructure is a heck of additional. Clear Rajakaluve encroachments or produce alternative interconnections. Revive the Hesaraghatta river and Arkavathy river system; normally it takes care of 25% of the requirement. This will effectively lower the demand for filtered waters.


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